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A Selected Article from the October 2001 Issue

Your Page in History - Be Sure to Write it Down

©Copyright 2001 by Eileen Phelps

      If you are still around in five, ten, or twenty years, someone is sure to be putting a tape recorder under your nose and asking you questions about 9-11. You'll have a lot to say, but will your memories be half as accurate? Or half as vivid? Now is the time to record this, while it's fresh in your mind and on your mind, over and over. Here are some questions to get you started:

Where were you when you heard? Who told you?
How much had happened by then?
Did you watch television? How much?
What did all this make you think of?
      Pearl Harbor?
      The assassination of JFK?
      The plane that hit the Empire State Building?
      Your last trip to New York/Washington?
      A frightening experience you had?
You probably expected a terrorist attack some day.
      What did you think it would be like?
How do you feel about the death toll?
      Would you say it was surprisingly low? Or high?
      What factors made a difference?
Who have been the heroes? Do you think passengers affected the outcome for the 4th plane?
How has this affected the people you know or care about?
Do you have relatives or friends who were victims, or could have been?
Many people were grounded by the airline shutdown.
      Did someone you know miss a trip, get thrown out of work, or get stranded?
What did you do to help or show support?
      Donate blood?
      Give money?
      Attend a memorial?
      Fly the flag?
What did you do to get the tragedy off your mind when it became too much?
What have you said to your children or grandchildren, to comfort them?
What did you fear when you were young?
Who comforted you when you were young and frightened?
What notable things have you seen others do?
How has technology made this experience different for you and others?
What about radar, camcorders, computers, the Internet, cell phones?
Many events, such as games, were postponed or canceled.
      What changes happened to your schedule?
Do you have money invested in stocks?
      What would you have lost if you had sold on the dip?
Do you think we will have a long recession?
      How will a downturn affect your family?
What would you do differently, if you could turn the clock back?
President Bush enjoyed an upsurge in his approval rating.
Did your opinion change?
Are you going to save a memento? What?
Have you noticed an increase in patriotism?
      Do you remember World War II? Vietnam?
The U.S. has "declared war" on terrorists.
      Do you think this war can be won? Why or why not?
What is your experience with Islam?
      How are the Taliban different from your experience?
      Do you think Americans are reacting fairly?
Should the World Trade Center be rebuilt? Why or why not?
Have you experienced a skyscraper?
What do you think would be a fitting memorial?
What do you think will happen next?
Why do you think a loving God would permit this?
Is this part of the events of the Last Days?
What scriptures come to your mind at such a time?
How much of this, if any, has been our fault?
What good things are Americans doing that should continue?
What is your hope for your children and grandchildren?

      What are you thankful for? Quite a lot, if you reflect. Be sure to put it down, on your page of history.

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