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A Selected Article from the January 2002 Issue

HELP, Do you need Help?

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      If your answer is "Yes, I do need help," and your need is in family history or with computers, you should be aware that there is help available. You know what is available in the PAF Users Group and at BYU from other articles in PAFOLOGY. This article is to let you know about another less known source of help.

      It is the UTAH SOUTH AREA FAMILY HISTORY TRAINING CENTER hereafter referred to as the USA FHTC. It is located at 85 North 600 East in Provo. There are a number of courses offered there as follows:

      FAMILY HISTORY TRAINING Course: This is an intensive training course in many aspects of family history using the computer, microfilm and microfiche machines. The classroom followed by hands-on experience with a one-on-one trainer was developed originally for training the full time family history missionaries. Since few full time family history missionaries are now being called, this training has been extended to those serving as Family History Center directors and specialists, stake and ward family history consultants, and others with a interest in learning and improving their family history knowledge and computer skills. Classes are given in the latest PAF programs, Internet searching, Church and other databases, and the latest Temple Ready for windows program, and other topics. This extensive training course goes from Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM, with breaks for lunch and dinner. If you are interested you can get more information from Jay Grant at phone 374-2283 or e-mail:

      SUNDAY NIGHT PROGRAM Course: This course is similar to the training course mentioned above, except one class is given each Sunday evening for twelve weeks. Most of the subjects in the week long course are covered with emphasis in the use of the computer in family history work. It follows a similar format of a classroom presentation followed by a computer experience. There are trainers there to help. For more information contact Merlin Kitchen at phone 225-1598 or e-mail:

      USA FHTC OPEN LAB: On the weeks when the FAMILY HISTORY TRAINING Course is not being taught, the USA FHTC is open Monday to Friday, except holidays, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM for anyone that would like help on the computer. Trainers are available, but usually no formal classes are presented. Research using microfilm, microfiche, and books is not available. This can be done in your local Family History Center, or at BYU.

      EXTRACTION Training. With the new UDE 5.0 windows extraction program using digital images, help is available Wednesday afternoons during USA FHTC OPEN LAB times. A classroom type presentation will be given at 1:30 PM as needed, followed by hands-on computer experience. This training is authorized by the Family History Department Extraction Division. Other times can be arranged by making reservations through the USA FHTC scheduler, Rex Reynolds.

      PRIESTHOOD LEADERSHIP TRAINING. This training is given on one Saturday each month as needed from 9:00 AM to 12 noon for priesthood leaders, specifically: stake presidents, stake president's counselors, high councilors assigned to family history, bishops, bishops's counselors, high priest group leaders, and elders quorum presidents. This training is designed to teach priesthood leaders their responsibility in family history, priesthood organization, the "how to's" of using family history in missionary work, retention, and reactivation. There is a demonstration on extraction, orientation on Family Search and family history on the Internet, as well as the correlation of proclaiming the gospel, perfecting the saints, and redeeming the dead. More information can be obtained from Henry Rock at phone 225-3320 or e-mail:

      The USA FHTC can be reserved for any of the above mentioned uses through Rex Reynolds at his home phone 224-2721 or the USA FHTC phone 356-9114. or e-mail:

      Help is available if you know where to get it, and will ask for it. Another resource for you is the UTAH SOUTH AREA FAMILY HISTORY TRAINING CENTER

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