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            Welcome to this site.  I was born in Bridgeton, Cumberland Co., and raised 
in Pitman, Gloucester Co.  Since 1961 I have been researching my family 
tree and am having difficulty progressing on certain lines, especially 
those of Ayars, Abbott, Bowers, Clark, Elwell, Foster, Harris, Hogate, 
Hood, Hubbard, Jaggars, Meeks, Kahler, Paullin, Phifer, Robinson, Shaver, 
Taylor, etc.

My hope is that by publishing what I have, another researcher will tie into 
my people and that we might share information and progress in our 
searches.  I have tried to be accurate and have many sources for much of 
this information that I have gathered.  The sources are not provided on 
this site. If you believe that we are researching the same people, I am 
willing to share what sources I have if you contact me.  

Judith K. White Skousen
665 North 500 East 
Orem, Utah 84097-4127 

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