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What is TAGGology?

TAGGology is the monthly newsletter for members of the Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group. It is chock full of informative articles to help genealogists and family historians use computers more productively. Articles include information on using FamilySearch, FamilyTree, other websites, upcoming local and national events, reviews of software, research tips, etc. It is distributed via email in PDF format on the second Saturday of each month.   

If you would like to receive a free copy of our newsletter via email, please email your request to uvtagginfo@gmail.com

      Become a member on the Login page, new members will receive back issues of the Newsletter for the current calendar year.

Submitting Articles for Publication

Articles and suggestions for future editions are always welcome. Submit articles via email in text format or any common word processor format (WordPerfect or Microsoft Word formats are preferred) to: 

Newsletter Editor,
Marilyn Thomsen at  uvtagginfo@gmail.com