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We normally record the main presentation and one or two classes at each of our monthly meetings for the benefit of members of the Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group. 

The presentations in the table below may be sorted by clicking on the column headers.   Typing a part of a speaker name or presentation title in the search box at the upper right of the table will filter the table contents using the typed string.

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Title (* and bold => main presentation)NameDateCategoryKeywords
Free AI Websites for Text-based Applications (#663)Donald R. Snow3/20/24NoneNone
* Old News is Good News: Searching for Ancestors in Newspapers (#661)Wendy Brimhall AG®3/9/24NoneNone
Panel Discussion - What We Learned at RootsTech 2024 (#662)Marilyn Thomsen Carol Hill Sandy Brimhall3/9/24NoneNone
The Free Website ourtimelines.com - Family History Update (#660)Donald R. Snow2/21/24IRtimeline context lives life freeware
* Getting Started With Free AI For Texts (#658)Donald R. Snow2/10/24IRArtificial intelligence chatgpt gemini bard openai copilot open summarize youtube video
AI: Q & A and Demonstrations (#659)Donald R. Snow2/10/24IRArtificial intelligence chatgpt gemini bard openai copilot open summarize youtube video
Ideas for Using AI in Family History - Family History Update (#657)Donald R. Snow1/17/24IRArtificial intelligence chatgpt gemini bard openai copilot open summarize youtube video
* FamilySearch: Observations From the Past 15 Years (#655)Thomas P. Gill1/13/24LDSRecords Acquisition temples fairs countries surname
Family Search: Q & A (#656)Thomas P. Gill1/13/24LDSRecords Acquisition temples fairs countries surname
Finding U.S. Death Records (#654)Donald R. Snow11/15/23RRgrave cemetery tombstone headstone certificate
* The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Genealogy (#652)James Tanner11/11/23IRAI ChatGPT website research help web pages
Artificial Intelligence Continued and Q&A (#653)James Tanner11/11/23IRAI ChatGPT website research help web pages
Finding U.S. Birth Records (#651)Donald R. Snow10/18/23RRcertificates documents websites vital
* FamilySearch Family Tree for Influencers (#649)Robert Raymond10/14/23LDSgenealogy experience history historian lds
FamilySearch Record Search Tips and Tricks (#650)Robert Raymond10/14/23LDSmicrofilm images lds
Documenting Your Own Life (#648)Donald R. Snow9/20/23Oeverything filenames organize descendants
* Community Research Using the National Register of Historic Places and the Historical Marker Database (#646)Peggy Lauritzen9/9/23Oinspire motivate familysearch photos objects artifacts
Memory Keepers (#647)Peggy Lauritzen9/9/23IRsigns locations locals history
Internet Archive's Wayback Machine - Family History Update (#645)Donald R. Snow8/16/23IRwebsites historical history
* Secrets Hiding in DAR.org: Using DAR research to strengthen and extend your pedigree (#643)Marilyn Thomsen8/12/23IRDirectory Phone Google Earth County
City Directories May Help Resolve Family History Conundrums (#644)Marilyn Thomsen8/12/23IRUnited States Military Lineage Heritage Revolutionary Colonial
Books Online Part 3: FamilySearch - Family History Update (#642)Donald R. Snow7/12/23RTebooks digital online library
Family History Q & A: A Panel Discussion (#641)Kathryn Grant Donald R. Snow Gerhard Ruf7/8/23IRfamily searching videos images websites tools software
Understanding Intended Identity: The Key to Fixing and Avoiding Problems in Family Tree (#640)Kathryn Grant7/8/23LDSevaluating records validity family search cleaning tree merging unmerging
Books Online Part 2: Internet Archive - Family History Update (#639)Donald R. Snow6/21/23IRtexts ebook wayback preserving
* Influenza: The 20th Century's Deadliest Pandemic (#637)Michael L. Strauss AG6/10/23Mmilitary medical epidemic
Can You See My Tree? Imports to FamilySearch (#638)Carol Hill6/10/23LDSGEDCOM genealogies trees pedigree resource
Books Online Part 1: Formats and Google Books - Family History Update (#636)Donald R. Snow5/17/23IRe-books e-pubs PDF convert
* Strengthening Youth With FamilySearch Center Activities (#634)Marie Alexander5/13/23LDSactivity
Family History Escape App (#635)Scott Hill5/13/23Iyouth activity mobile smartphone tablet games motivate
City Directories - Family History Update (#633)Donald R. Snow4/19/23RRlocation county census substitute list telephone residence occupation
* Crossing the Pond: Finding Emigration and Immigration Records (#631)Julie Wilcox4/8/23RRnaturalization archives census passenger list
Using the FamilySearch Wiki (#632)Julie Wilcox4/8/23LDSlocation country countries translation language maps
Snow Numbers: Descendant Numbering System - Family History Update (#630)Donald R. Snow3/15/23RRdescendants numbering software list chart
* Panel Discussion: RootsTech 2023 Highlights (#628)Laurie Castillo & Rayanne Melick3/11/23RRRootsTech
Effectively Using RootsTech.org (#629)Rayanne Melick3/11/23RRRootsTech
Google Searches (#627)Donald R. Snow2/15/23IRTechniques Commands Syntax
* Modern Tools for Helping Run Your FamilySearch Center (#625)Olivia Jewell2/11/23HSoftware Scanner FamySearch Center Family History Center Canva
Family Connections Experiment (#626)Olivia Jewell2/11/23IRInspire Ideas Motivate Family
Glary Utilities Free (#624)Donald R. Snow1/18/23SHardware Software Update Cleanup
* What New Technologies Will Aid You in Finding Your Ancestors? (#622)James Tanner1/14/23IRWebsites Programs
How Do You Know if Your Genealogy is Correct? (#623)James Tanner1/14/23RTAccurate Evaluation
* Helping Others Learn to Love and Do Family History (#620)Kathryn Grant11/12/22LDSFamilySearch Inspire Motivate
5 Minutes or 5 Hours: Stopping Mistakes Before They Start (FamilyTree) (#621)Kathryn Grant11/12/22LDSEditing Correcting Sources
* The Centennial History of the Genealogical Society of Utah: Who, When, Why, and How (#618)James B Allen & Jessie Embry10/8/22LDSFamilySearch Utah Genealogical Society Family History Library Kahlile Mehr
Evaluating and Destroying Your Ancestral Brick Walls (#619)Laurie Castillo10/8/22RTWeb Sites Brickwall Stuck End of line
* Accessing and Using FamilySearch Partner Sites (#616)Robert Givens9/10/22IRAncestry Heritage MyHeritage FindMyPast Geneanet Filiae American Ancestors
Using Puzzilla to Find Ancestors and Descendants (#617)Robert Givens9/10/22IRLDS Ordinances Relatives
* The Timeline Grid: An Easy Way to Track, Organize, and Use Your Research (#614)Kathryn Grant8/13/22RTTemplates England UK Canada United States Census
Using the Timeline Grid: Practical Examples (#615)Kathryn Grant8/3/22RTTemplates England UK Canada United States Census
* Capture This: A Guide to Creating Family Documentaries (#612)Dawn Brimhall7/9/22IRPreserving Stories Wevideo.com video presentation
Q&A: Capture This: A Guide to Creating Family Documentaries (#613)Dawn Brimhall7/9/22IRPreserving Stories Wevideo.com video presentation
* Celebrating Family History Around the Globe (#610)David Ouimette6/11/22RLIceland New Zealand India Denmark Iraq Ghana Ethiopia Morocco Egypt Nepal Thailand China Oman
Be Your Own Graphic Designer with Canva.com (#611)Carol Hill & Marilyn Thomsen6/11/22IRPresentation Invitation Advertising
The File Program EVERYTHING (#609)Donald R. Snow5/24/22SSearching files folders viewing
* Pinpointing Ancestral Locations with Surname Distribution Maps (#607)Laurie Castillo5/14/22RTWebsite internet resources countries crossing migration
Resources for Learning More About Ancestral Surname (#608)Laurie Castillo5/14/22RTEthnicity countries locations websites internet resources searching name changes
Photo Filmstrip to Make Videos From Your Photos (#606)Donald R. Snow5/10/22SVideos photos stories sharing power point
Finding Contact Information for Living People (#605)Donald R. Snow4/26/22IRLiving Photos Directories social media
LDS Books Online: Part 3 (#604)Donald R. Snow4/12/22LDSHistory Members Church Libraries
* Why Can't I Find My Family? -- Digging Deeper on Surnames (#603)Laurie Castillo4/9/22RLSir Names Geogaphy Languages Names
LDS Genealogy Books Online: Part 2 (#602)Donald R. Snow3/22/22LDSBook eBook Family History Utah
* FamilySearch family Tree: What's New and What's Coming (#600)Ron Tanner3/12/22LDSOrdinance Temples Groups
FamilySearch Family Tree Q & A (#601)Ron Tanner3/12/22LDSOrdinances Temples Groups
LDS Genealogy Books Online: Part 1 (#599)Donald R. Snow3/8/22LDSBook eBook Family History Utah
Google Searches (#598)Donald R. Snow2/22/22IRBirth Syntax
* Cracking Algorithms to Get the Most Out of Your Searching on Ancestry and Family Search (#596)Wendy Brimhall2/12/22IRAncestry Searching Technik's
Advanced Timeline for Committed Researchers (#597)Stephen Ehat2/12/22RTOrigination Analysis
Heritagequest Part 5: Maps and Miscellaneous Records (#595)Donald R. Snow2/8/22IRHQO Maps Certificate Index
Heritagequest Online Part 4: City Directories and Death Records (#594)Donald R. Snow1/25/22IRHQO Directories Books Vital SS Death index
Heritagequest Online Part 3: Censuses (#593)Donald R. Snow1/11/22IRCensuses Cemetery State Federal
* Probate for Genealogical Research Part 1 (#591)James Tanner1/8/22RRCourt Will Guardianship
Probate for Genealogical Research Part 2 (#592)James Tanner1/8/22RREnumeration US U.S. Canada
Utah Digital Newspapers Website - Family History Update Webinar (#590)Donald R. Snow12/14/21RROnline News Website
Tracking Lives with Technology - Family History Update Webinar (#589)Donald R. Snow11/30/21OSoftware Everything Timeline Filename
* BYUTV's Relatives Race (#587)Dan Debenham11/13/21IRFamily DNA TV Stories Histories Series
Family Search Updates: The Latest and Greatest (#588)Kathryn Grant11/13/21LDSSocial Groups Collaborate Temple LDS
The RootsTech Connect 2021 Website - Family History Update Webinar (#586)Donald R. Snow11/9/21IRLDS Online World Educational Conference
HeritageQuest Online Part 2: Books, State, and Country Records - Family History Update Webinar (#585)Donald R. Snow10/26/21RRHQO International Vital Internet
Heritage Quest Online Part 1: U.S. Revolutionary War Pension Records - Family History Update Webinar (#584)Donald R. Snow10/13/21RRMilitary Internet HQO Library
* Advanced Zoom for Family History Consultants (#582)Dawn Brimhall10/10/21SLDS Zoom Consultants
A to Zoom - the Basics (#583)Dawn Brimhall10/10/21SLDS Zoom Consultants
Digital Photos: Facial Recognition Using Freeware - Family History Update Webinar (#581)Donald R. Snow9/28/21SNone
Digital Photos: File Naming - Family History Update Webinar (#580)Donald R. Snow9/14/21ONone
* Organizing Temple and Family History in Your Wards and Stakes (#578)Lance Mcintosh9/11/21LDSNone
Goldie May, your genealogy research assistant (#579)Richard Miller9/11/21RTNone
* Secrets in Your DNA (#576)Ken & Sheron Drake8/14/21RTNone
You've Taken a DNA Test, Now What? (#577)Ken & Sheron Drake8/14/21RTNone
* The Road to Independence: Researching the Revolutionary War (#575)Michael L. Strauss7/10/21RRNone
The VLC Media Player - Family History Update Webinar (#574)Donald R. Snow6/22/21SNone
* The Home Archivist: Preserving Records Like a Pro! (#572) Melissa Barker6/12/21ONone
Researching in Libraries and Archives: The Do's and Don'ts (#573)Melissa Barker6/12/21RTNone
Zoom Basics for Windows - Family History Updates Webinar (#571) Donald R. Snow6/8/21SNone
City Directories - Family History Update Webinar (#570)Donald R. Snow5/25/21RRNone
Computer Health Part 3: Backups, Off and Online - Family History Update Webinar (#569) Donald R. Snow5/11/21SNone
* Improving Research Skills for Yourself and Others with The Family History Guide (#567)Ann Tanner5/8/21IRNone
The Ins and Outs of Find A Grave (#568)Carol Hill5/8/21RR
Computer Health Part 2: Viruses, Malware, and Email - Family History Update Webinar (#566) Donald R. Snow4/20/21S
* The Rootstech Connect 2021 and Open Discussion - UVTAGG Meeting (#564)Donald R. Snow4/10/21IR
Are You Getting the Most out of Family History Records? (#565)Sandra and Wendy Brimhall4/10/21RR
The Rootstech Connect 2021 - Family History Update Webinar (#563)Donald R. Snow4/6/21IR
Computer Health Part 1: Hard Drive and Programs - Family History Update Webinar (#562)Donald R. Snow3/16/21None
* Substitutes for Vital Records (#560)Peggy Lauritzen3/13/21None
Ticked Off! Those Pesky Pre 1850 Census Tic Marks (#561)Peggy Lauritzen3/13/21None
Searching Your Computer, Part 4: - Duplicate Image Files - Family History Update Webinar (#559)Donald R. Snow3/3/21RT
Searching Your Computer Part 3: Finding Duplicate Non-Image Files - Family History Update Webinar (#558)Donald R. Snow2/23/21RT
Searching Your Computer, Part 2: Text in File - Family History Update Webinar (#557)Donald R. Snow2/9/21RT
* How to Become an Awesome Newspaper Researcher (#555)Kenneth R. Marks2/13/21RR
Live Demonstration of Online Newspaper Research Techniques and Ancestral Hunt (#556)Kenneth R. Marks2/13/21RR
Searching Your Computer, Part 1: File Names (#554)Donald R. Snow1/26/21RT
Ourtimelines.com: Showing Lives in Context - Family History Update Webinar (#553)Donald R. Snow1/12/21RT
* Can You Illustrate A Family History Without Family Photos? (#551)Laurie Castillo1/9/21IR
Tips and Tricks for Temple & Family History Consultant (#552)Rayanne Melick1/9/21LDS
The Wolframalpha Website in Family History Family History Update Webinar (#550)Donald R. Snow12/8/20IR
Internet Archive Wayback Machine -Family History Update Webinar (#549)Donald R. Snow11/24/20IR
* Yes, Your Ancestors Were in the Newspapers (#547)Stephen Ehat11/14/20RR
What You May Not Have Noticed About the U. S. Federal & State Census Records (#548)Stephen Ehat11/14/20RR
Utah Digital Newspapers Website Family History Update Webinar (#546)Donald R. Snow11/10/20RR
FamilySearch Research Wiki - Family History Update Webinar (#545)Donald R. Snow10/27/20RR
FamilySearch Books - Family History Update Webinar (#544)Donald R. Snow10/13/20RR
* Genetic Genealogy: An Introduction to DNA (#542)Beth Taylor7/28;20IR
DNA: I've Tested. Now What? (#543)Beth Taylor7/14/20S
* Fixing Incorrect Merges in Family Tree (#540)Kathryn Grant9/12/20LDS
Mysteries of the Change Log Revealed (#541)Kathryn Grant9/12/20LDS
* Getting the Most Out of England's GRO Index (#538)Dana and Cindy Henriksen8/8/20RL
Youth as Temple and Family History Consultants (#539)Marilyn Thomsen8/8/20LDS
The USGenWeb Website - Family History Update Webinar (#537)Donald R. Snow7/28;20IR
Digitizing and Transcribing Audio Recordings - Family History Update Webinar (#536)Donald R. Snow7/14/20S
* Duplicates in Family Tree, Part 1 - Why They're There and How to Find Them? (#534)Kathryn Grant7/11/20LDSsearch correct merge merging records
Duplicates in Family Tree, Part 2: How to Resolve Them (#535)Kathryn Grant7/11/20LDSsearch correct merge merging records
Steve Morse's One-Step Programs - Family History Update Webinar (#533)Donald R. Snow6/23/20IR
* School Daze (#531)Peggy Lauritzen6/13/20RReducation, yearbook
Hidden Gems in the FamilySearch Wiki (#532)Peggy Lauritzen6/13/20RT
Preserving Your Family History: You Can't Take It With You, So How Do You Leave It? - Family History Update Webinar (#530)Donald R. Snow6/9/20O
Internet Archive: Websites, Audio, Video and Images - Family History Update Webinar (#529)Donald R. Snow5/26/20IR
Erastus Snow Letters - Family History Update Webinar (#528)Donald R. Snow5/12/20RR
* Rubik's Cube Genealogy (#526)Elissa Scalise Powell5/9/20RT
New tools to Effectively Use Sources in FamilySearch (#527)Marilyn Thomsen5/9/20LDS
Internet Archive Text Items - Family History Update Webinar (#525)Donald R. Snow4/21/20IR
* Yearbooks in Family History (#523)Donald R. Snow4/11/20RR
Screenshot Programs (#524)Donald R. Snow4/11/20S
Our Timelines - Family History Update Webinar (#522)Donald R. Snow4/8/20IR
Google Search - Family History Update Webinar (#521)Donald R. Snow3/27/20RT
New tools to Effectively Use Sources in FamilySearch (#527)Marilyn Thomsen5/9/20LDS
Internet Archive Text Items - Family History Update Webinar (#525)Donald R. Snow4/21/20IR
* Yearbooks in Family History (#523)Donald R. Snow4/11/20RR
Screenshot Programs (#524)Donald R. Snow4/11/20S
Our Timelines - Family History Update Webinar (#522)Donald R. Snow4/8/20IR
Google Search - Family History Update Webinar (#521)Donald R. Snow3/27/20RT
* Mastering the FamilySearch Mobile App (#519)Scott Hill3/14/20LDS
Digging Deeper in the Federal Census (#520)Laurie Castillo3/14/20RR
* The New Deal: Putting Our Ancestors to Work (#517)Michael L. Strauss2/8/20RT
Roosevelt's Tree Army: Research in the CCC - Civilian Conservation Corps (#518)Michael L. Strauss2/8/20RT
* Dealing With Difficult FamilySearch Family Tree Tasks & Temple Cards Not Returned (#515)Ron Tanner1/11/20LDS
Q&A - FamilySearch Family Tree (#516)Ron Tanner1/11/20LDS
* Making The Most Of Your LDS MyHeritage Account (#512)James Tanner11/9/19IR
Q&A - Using MyHeritage and Other FamilySearch Partners (#513)James Tanner11/9/19IR
Taking a Virtual Tour of Your Ancestor's Life Using Google Earth Pro (#514)Scott & Carol Hill11/9/19IR
* 50 Websites Every Genealogist Should Know (#511)Gena Philibert-Ortega10/12/19RR
25 Tips for Researching Female Ancestors (#511a)Gena Philibert-Ortega10/12/19IR
* An Introduction to Find My Past for the LDS Community (#509)Lindsey Bayless9/14/19IR
Criminals, Heroes, Scoundrels and More (#510)Lindsey Bayless9/14/19RR
* Using the New FamilySearch Digital Library to Learn More About Your Family (#507)Dennis Meldrum8/10/19LDS
Tracking Lives with Technology (#508)Don Snow8/10/19S
* Organizing Temple and Family History in Your Wards and Stakes (#505)Lance McIntosh7/13/19LDS
Linkpendium (#506)Rayanne Melick7/13/19IR
* How to Get the Most Out of Your LDS Ancestry Account (#503)Jim Mosher6/8/19IR
FamilySearch/Ancestry Integration (#504)Jim Mosher6/8/19IR
* Life's Second Certainty (hint: the first one is death) (#501)Lisa Ratzlaff5/11/19RR
Getting Started in International Research (#502)Lisa Ratzlaff5/11/19RI
* Mining for Images: Tips for Locating Digital Records on Major Websites and Beyond (#499)Joseph Everett4/13/19IR
The FamilySearch Microfilm Lending Library: A Post Mortem (#500)Joseph Everett4/13/19LDS
* An Inside View of the Family History Guide (#497)James Tanner3/9/19IR
What's New on FamilySearch? (#498)Ron Tanner3/9/19LDS
* What's Available and How to Find It? Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively (#495)Marilyn Markham2/9/19LDS
Using Occupational and Work Records in Your Genealogy Research (#496)Barbara Robertson2/9/19RR
* Family History and Other Books Online (#493)Don Snow1/12/19IR
More Details About Using Books Online (#494)Don Snow1/12/19IR
* Using Online FamilySearch and Facebook Groups For Solving Your Family History Brick Walls (#491)Carol Hill11/10/18IR
Beginning Research in the Former German, Russian, and Austro Hungarian Empires (#492)Rayanne Melick11/10/18RL
* How To Be More Successful With Genealogy Websites (#489)Laurie Castillo10/13/18IR
A Little Bit of Something is Worth More Than a Whole Lot of Nothing (#490)Marilyn Thomsen10/13/18LDS
* Introduction to The Family History Guide (#487)Robert Ives9/8/18IR
Highlights of the Family History Guide (#488)Robert Ives9/8/18IR
* Making Side-by-Side Images of Newspaper Articles (#485)Don Snow8/11/18S
Tracking Lives with Technology (#486)Don Snow8/11/18O
* What and Where are the Records on Family Search? (#482)James Tanner7/14/18LDS
Q&A What and Where are the Records on Family Search? (#483)James Tanner7/14/18LDS
Social Media and Internet Resources to Help With Your Research  (#484)Marie Andersen7/14/18IR
* Attacking Brick Walls (#480)Claire Brisson-Banks6/9/18RT
How Do I Organize Information on My Computer So I Don't Lose It? (#481)Bud Wood6/9/18O
* Internet Privacy, Passwords, and Avoiding Online Problems (#477)George Hickman5/12/18S
Q&A Internet Privacy, Passwords, and Avoiding Online Problems (#478)George Hickman5/12/18S
* Understanding Your Ancestor's World: Finding More Records, Placing Your Ancestor's Life in Context (#475)Laurie Castillo4/14/18RT
Understanding Your Ancestor's World: Part 2 (#476)Laurie Castillo4/14/18RR
Scanning Tips & Tricks (#477)Dale Stoddard4/14/18S
*Discover the Story Behind The Facts (#472)Melissa Corn Finlay3/10/18RR
Which Charles is Which? (#473)Melissa Corn Finlay3/10/18RT
No Cost Resources - Genealogy Apps & Tools (#474)Laurie Castillo3/10/18S
*Make Your Own Family Map Using Google's My Maps (#469)Francine Kennedy2/10/18RT
Demonstration of Google's My Maps Applications (#470)Francine Kennedy2/10/18RT
New Dimensions of Online Trees (#471)Marilyn Thomsen2/10/18IR
*The Great War: Researching Your World War I Ancestors (#466)Michael Strauss1/13/18RR
Researching Your WW II Ancestors (#467)Michael Strauss1/13/18RR
Connect2Family: A Private Online Tool To Bring Extended Families Together (#468)Brett Dorny1/13/18IR
* Using the Mountain West Digital Library etc for Genealogical Research (#464)Catherine McIntyre11/11/17IR
Protecting Your Computer (#465)Jerry Castillo11/11/17S
* The Best Websites For Your Research That You Probably Aren't Using (#461)Kory Meyerink10/14/17IR
The Five Most Important Online Resources For Your U.S. Genealogy Research (#462)Kory Meyerink10/14/17IR
Recent Genealogy Articles and Your Questions (#463)Don Snow and Linda Westover10/14/17S
* The BYU Family History Lab (#459)Tom Sederberg9/9/17S
More From FamilySearch, Ancestry, Find My Past & My Heritage (#460)Alan Mann9/9/17LDS
* Digitizing & Using Sound in Family History (#457)Don Snow and Linda Westover8/12/17S
Evernote: The Genealogist's Workhorse (#458)Don Snow and Linda Westover8/12/17S
* Tips & Tricks for Searching FamilySearch (#454)Alan Mann7/8/17LDS
Using Photoshop in Your Family History (#456)Spencer Fields7/8/17S
Jurisdictions = When + Where (#455)Laurie Castillo7/8/17RT
* Family Tree Futures (#452)Ron Tanner6/10/17LDS
Q&A Family Tree Futures (#453)Ron Tanner6/10/17LDS
* Clothes Line Approach to Analysis (#449)Dear Myrtle (Pat Richley-Erickson)5/13/17RT
Temple & Family History Consultants (#450)Dear Myrtle (Pat Richley-Erickson)5/13/17LDS
Cemetery Records: Locating, Searching & Sorting (#451)Marilyn Thomsen5/13/17RR
* RootsTech 2017 and FamilySearch (#446)Robert Raymond4/8/17LDS
Keep Track of Your Own Life With Technology: Documents (#447)Don Snow4/8/17O
Q&A RootsTech 2017 and FamilySearch (#447)Robert Raymond4/8/17LDS
* From Archival Priorities to Record Hints: How FamilySearch Produces Billions of Searchable Records (#444)David Ouimette3/11/17LDS
DNA Evidence of Ancestral Origins (#445)David Ouimette3/11/17RT
* The British 1881 Census Indexing Project: A Window to the Past (#441)Stephen Young2/18/17I
The Family History Guide: Examples & Applications (#442)James Tanner2/18/17IR
Chinese Genealogy: Find your Ancestral Village (#443)Tony King2/18/17RL
Q&A The Chief Genealogy Office: Supporting Family Search and the Community (#439)Ed Donakey1/14/17LDS
* The Chief Genealogy Office: Supporting FamilySearch and the Community (#438)Ed Donakey1/14/17LDS
Q&A General Family History and Computers (#440)Rayanne Melick and Gerhard Ruf1/14/17IR
Q&A Chief Genealogical Office (#436)Michael J. Hall11/12/16LDS
* What is the Office of the Chief Genealogy Officer? (#435)Michael J. Hall11/12/16LDS
The Family History Guide's New Beta Site Goes Live (#437)Robert Taylor11/12/16LDS
Getting the Most From Your Ancestry DNA Results (#431)Rick Klemetson10/8/16RT
Multitasking 101: Family History While You Sleep (#434)Laurie Castillo10/8/16IR
Q&A Family Search Book Scanning (#433)Michael Hansen10/8/16LDS
* FamilySearch Book Scanning (#432)Michael Hansen10/8/16LDS
Organizing Computer Files (#430)Don Snow10/8/16D
* From Tabernacle to Temple (#429)Jay & Sylvia Newitt9/10/16I
GenGophers.com - Google Books for Genealogy (#427)Dallan Quass8/13/16IR
Finding Civil War Ancestors (#428)Marilyn Thomsen8/13/16RR
* RootsCity: A Better Way to Build Your Family Tree Online (#426)Dallan Quass8/13/16IR
* Seek and Ye Shall Find: Extraction of Pedigrees from Revenue Records of Punjab, India (#424)G. S. Gill7/9/16RL
Fun with Relative Finder (#425)Rayanne Melick7/9/16IR
* Get More From Technology: Help in Family History (#421)Cathy Anderegg6/11/16LDS
Q&A:Get More From Technology: Help in Family History (#422)Cathy Anderegg6/11/16LDS
Finding the Kin Keepers - Women in Our Families (#423)Marilyn Thomsen6/11/16RT
* Finding Elusive Records on FamilySearch (#418)Robert Kehrer5/14/16FS
Q&A Finding Elusive Records on FamilySearch (#419)Robert Kehrer5/14/16FS
US Vital Records on the Internet -- Lesser Known Sources (#420)Laurie Castillo5/14/16RR
Get Where You're Going With Maps (#417)Karen Clifford4/9/16RT
* Technology for Locating Missing or Destroyed Records (#416)Karen Clifford4/9/16RT
* 6 Steps to Choreograph Your Research Across the Internet (#413)Janet Hovorka3/12/16IR
Using DAR Research to Strengthen and Extend Your Pedigree (#415)Marilyn Thomsen3/12/16RR
Grandma's Bullet Proof Vest: Why Your Children Need You To Do Family History (#414)Janet Hovorka3/12/16I
* Helping Others Love Family History (#411)Mike Sandberg2/13/16LDS
Helping Others Love Family History (Demonstration) (#412)Mike Sandberg2/13/16LDS
Digitize Your Photos and Movies (#409)Randy Wilson1/9/16S
* Family Search: What's In It For You, and, Can You Help (#408)Randy Wilson1/9/16LDS
Keep Your PC Healthy (#410)Jerry Castillo1/9/16S
* If Sherlock Homes Were A Family Historian (#406)Barry Ewell11/14/15RR
Use the US Census to Resolve Family History Research Problems (#407)Barry Ewell11/14/15RR
* Genealogy Wikis: A User's Guide (#405)xxx xxx10/10/15IR
Free, State-Provided Sources: Ready and Waiting Online (#404)xxx xxx10/10/15IR
* Locating the Records of Our LDS Missionary Ancestors (#402)Laurie Castillo9/12/15LDS
Finding Your Ancestors in LDS & non-LDS Newspapers (#403)Laurie Castillo9/12/15LDS
* The Best Things in Life Are Free: Freeware for Family History (#398)Don Snow and Linda Westover8/8/15S
Q&A The Best Things in Life Are Free: More Freeware for Family History (#399)Don Snow and Linda Westover8/8/15S
Facebook Your Genealogy (#400)Sue Maxwell8/8/15IR
Where There's a Will, There's a Probate, US Probate Records (#401)Beth Taylor8/8/15RR
* Copyright Law for Genealogists (#395)James Tanner7/11/15RT
Using Family History Guide to Jump Start Your Genealogy (#396)Bob Taylor7/11/15IR
It's About Time (#397)Ginny Ackerson7/11/15RT
Using DNA in Family History (#393)Rick Klemetson6/13/15RT
Q&A Finding the Living Among the Dead Using the Internet (#392)Amy Archibald6/13/15IR
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PAF 5: Come alive with Photos (#38)Lee Pitts5/8/04S
Gensmarts - Your Personal Genealogy Advisor (#37)Bret Petersen5/8/04S
Land Records and GPS(Global Positioning Systems) (#35)Ken Head4/10/04RR
Windows Basics (#34)Jerry Castillo3/13/04H
The Internet IGI (#31)Paul Starkey2/14/04IR
Digital Photo Basics (#32)Marlo Schuldt2/14/04H
Research & Service Opportunities at the Family History Library (#29)Don/Vivian Ostler1/10/04LDS
GenMerge (#30)Sue Ditelman1/10/04S
Message Boards, Queries and Mailing Lists (#27)Geoff Rasmussen11/8/03IR
Getting the Most Out ofÌ_ÌÇåÎÌàÌ_ÌÇ_ USGenWeb (#25)Gerhard Ruf10/11/03IR
GENViewer (#26)Don Snow10/11/03S
LDS and Utah Records (#23)Don Snow9/13/03RL
Digital Relationship Finder roots.cs.byu.edu/digroots/ (#22)William Page8/9/03IR
Using The Pedigree Resource File & PAF Companion (#18)Lynel Shock6/14/03LDS
Census Indexes on the Internet : Where to Find 'Em and How to Use 'Em (#15)Marie Taylor5/10/03IR
Documentation and Evidence:Ì_ÌÇåÎÌàÌ_ÌÇ_ What Am I Supposed to Document? (#11)Alan Mann3/8/03RT
Let's Improve Your Scanning Skills (#12)Floyd Nordin3/8/03H
Center For Family History & Genealogy at BYUÌ_ÌÇåÎÌàÌ_ÌÇ_ (#5)Raymond S. Wright10/10/02IR
Cleaning Up Your PAF Database (#6)Don Snow8/10/02S
Family Reunion (#005D)Bruce Buzbee7/13/02IR
1930 US Census (#005C)David Ouimette5/11/02RR
One Great Family: Connecting Humanity (#004A)Alan V. Eaton4/13/02IR
Utah GenWeb Project (#005A)Andy Wold3/9/02IR
Ani Map (#004C)Geoff Rasmussen1/12/02S
Organizing Your Paper Files in a Computer Age (#004B)Mary E. V. Hill9/8/01O
1880 US Census on CD (#4)Ray Madsen8/11/01RR
PAF CompanionÌ_ÌÇåÎÌàÌ_ÌÇ_5 + PRF (#3)Dennis Meldrum7/9/01S
Technology (#1)Roy Benion5/9/98LDS

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Category Key

Category Description
H Hardware and peripherals: Scanners, cameras, storage, GPS, PC, Mac
I Inspire & Motivate
IR Internet Resources
LDS FamilySearch & LDS Support & Resources, FH Consultants
N Not Categorized
O Getting organized, preserving your records and objects
RE Research – Ethnic: Native American, African American, Hispanic, Asiatic, Polynesian
RL Research – Location: British, Irish, Germany, New England, Denmark, Scandinavian, US, Southern States, Midwest
RR Research – Record Types: Land, military, newspaper, church, civil, census, directories, court, tax records
RT Research Techniques: Planning, documenting sources, DNA, publishing, searching, using Libraries, copyright, using maps
S Software: PAF, FTM, AQ, RM, Family Insight, Legacy, Reunion, backup, GEDCOM, PowerPoint, operating systems, virus and malware, scanning