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Barbara Renick

Categories: IR, O

Talk Abstract:
Genealogists are motivated to preserve and share what they have found and by publishing they open their work to peer review (critique) which often brings to light possible errors and additional resources. Today there are two approaches to publishing: low or no cost electronic publishing (for part or all of research summaries and family history books) and the use of the Internet to find and manage the best paper publishing options. This presentation will be an extensive discussion of electronic publishing media, including online library catalogs with Web 2.0 user-added-content, different types of Wikis and Web sites, blogs, digitized books online, plus publishing to CDs and DVDs.

Speaker Bio:
Barbara Renick is a nationally known genealogy lecturer who lectures frequently at national and local genealogy conferences. She currently serves on staff and teaches at the LDS Regional Family History Center in Orange, California. She writes for several genealogy publications and has written several genealogy books, her most recent one being Genealogy 101: How to Trace Your Family’s History and Heritage. That book was sponsored by the National Genealogical Society for their 100th Anniversary. She is also well known for the ‘Z’ Links page at her website http://www.zroots.com/ which is a favorite tool for many people. Her maiden name was Zuknick and she was born in Maryland to a German immigrant father and and a Tennessee hillbilly mother. She had a four-year scholarship in electrical engineering with an eye toward designing computers, but ended up graduating from BYU in nursing in 1974. After purchasing her first computer in 1983 she was asked to train and supervise a crew of workers for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for data entry of the International Genealogical Index and the Ancestral File. She teaches many family history classes, writes many family history articles, and is a frequent alpha and beta tester for software programs and Internet sites.

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