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“New Ways to Share and Interest Others in Family History”

Marlo Schuldt

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Talk Abstract:
The presentation will try to achieve four goals: 1. Provide new ideas and fun ways to share family history; 2. Show ways to entice your kids, grandkids and relatives to want and ask for more; 3. Discuss innovative ideas that will get all ages involved in helping you; and 4. Offer a list of the best free resources and tools to do this. To interest the children he will discuss how to tell stories of you, your parents, and grandparents. For teenagers innovative, but not complicated, multimedia and Internet technology and the CLOUD help to dress up and present family history and he will consider a strategy to entice them into helping you. For the young family he’ll show how to change the attitude of “I’m too busy for family history; that’s for Grandma and Grandpa.” and show how to turn a scrapbook into a family history storybook. For the older generation you will learn some easy ways to share all of your family history in various formats: printed, PDF, photos, slideshows, and more. This will not be too technical, will be fun, and Marlo says to think of it as an “all you can eat” family history smorgasbord.

Speaker Bio:
Marlo Schuldt is President of LifeStory Productions, Inc., an Orem, Utah-based company that develops family history software and provides assistance to individuals desiring to gather, prepare, print, and share family history. He enjoys teaching and helping others with their family history and currently teaches classes each month at the BYU Family History Library. He says he has lost track of the number of classes he has taught at national, regional, and local family history fairs, genealogy organizations, and small groups. He earned both BS and MS degrees from Brigham Young University in Communicative Disorders and is the author of two software patents. He is the father of five and has expanded his own family history to thirteen grandchildren and hopes it continues to grow.

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