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“Getting the Most Out of England’s GRO Index”

Dana and Cindy Henriksen

Categories: RL, IR

Talk Abstract:
Learn how to use England’s civil registration birth and death records to find information about your English ancestors and their families. The GRO can help you: find mother’s maiden names, discover missing children that died before the next census, separate families that have been improperly merged, identify more accurate birth years than provided in the census, and other useful information.

Speaker Bio:
Dana and Cindy Henriksen have been heavily involved in family history for the last 10+ years. They have been managing the Lindon Shared Stakes Family History Center as Assistant Directors / Directors for nearly six years and were consultants before that. They were recently released and are now serving in a YSA Ward. Dand and Cindy specialize in researching England, Sweden, and Denmark – home to many of their ancestors and distant cousins. They were especially motivated to sharpen their research skills during the three plus years their daughter wanted 20 names a week to take to the temple for baptisms – it was quite the challenge to keep up with her.
They have spent a lot of time digitizing images of their ancestors. It has been great to ride the wave of new technology and innovation for family history research – With the great online resources available, they can do in minutes today what was impossible just a few years ago.

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