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“Influenza: The 20th Century’s Deadliest Pandemic”

Michael L. Strauss AG

Categories: M, IR

Talk Abstract:
In 1918 with the war raging in Europe, a silent deadly killer traveled with the soldiers from the United States over to the war zones in France. Considered America?s deadliest epidemic, it killed more people here than the soldiers that lost their lives fighting. As quickly as the virus spread it disappeared by early 1919. Many genealogical and historical records document our ancestors who died or survived this terrible period of our history.

Speaker Bio:
MICHAEL L. STRAUSS, AG, is a nationally recognized genealogical researcher and speaker. He is a native of Pennsylvania and a resident of Utah and works as a Research Manager with Ancestry. Michael has a BA in History and is planning on getting additional degrees. He is a United States Coast Guard veteran, a licensed Private Investigator, and is certified to testify as an expert witness in courts in many U.S. states. He is also a faculty member of SLIG, GRIP, and IGHR, genealogy course programs across the U.S., where he is the coordinator for the military history courses taught.

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