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“Metadata Magic: Preserving the Writing on the Back of the Photo (metadata) in Digital Photos”

Beth Ann Wiseman

Categories: O, IR

Talk Abstract:
Embedding the writing on the back of the photo so that it travels with the photo as embedded metadata creates magic in finding and sharing your photos and their stories. Once you know why, you will want to know how. This main presentation discusses why you would want to go to the effort of embedding the writing on the back of the photo into your digital photos. And what do FamilySearch and others do with metadata in a photo?

Speaker Bio:
Beth Ann Wiseman’s passion is preserving family photos, both personally and professionally. As a teenager in the 1970s, she received xeroxed copies of copies of family stories whose blubs and blurs were barely readable. Since she was not able to source photos and stories, she pondered how she could preserve her rich family heritage for her children and grandchildren. She has a B. A. in History and a Masters degree in Computer Science, initially working as a software developer, which included the scanning of digital images – the perfect solution for preserving and sharing family stories. At that time it was difficult to share scanned images. The rest of the story needed to go along with the images. She tried file system strategies, static html files on a CD, and even creating a database on CD. Nothing seemed to work really well.

Beth Ann was one of the original members of the engineering team at FamilySearch that implemented Memories and she still works on that team – her dream job. Memories addresses many of the sticking points for sharing family photos and stories. She is also involved with an organization created by Gordon Clarke at FamilySearch to standardize how the family history industry uses metadata properties and she has been testing and validating the standards proposed by the Family History Metadata Working Group (FHMWG).

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