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Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
8 Jan Diane Dieterle Notekeeping, Filing and Organizing Your Genealogical Information
12 Feb Don and Diane Snow What’s Happening with Family History in New York City
11 Mar Gaylon Findlay The New Ancestral Quest 3.0 and Its Relationship to PAF 4.0
8 Apr Dr. Scott Woodward Genealogy of the World: A Molecular Approach
13 May Karen Clifford How Your Computer Can Aid in Your Family History Research; With Case Studies From the Carolinas
10 Jun Steve Cannon Lesser-known Features in PAF 4
8 Jul Geoffrey Rasmussen Legacy, Version 3.0
12 Aug Diena Simmons Ancestors: The PBS Series from KBYU-TV
9 Sep Two Class Periods
14 Oct Alan Mann Getting The Most Out Of FamilySearch© Internet
11 Nov Steve Fox The Family History Library Catalog: On CD and the Internet
Dec No Meeting