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Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
10 Jan Don and Vivian Ostler  Research and Service Opportunities at the Family History Library 
14 Feb Paul Starkey  The Internet IGI 
13 Mar John Vilburn  Searching the Internet IGI with PAF Insight 
10 Apr   Ken Head  Land Records and GPS (Global Positioning System) Handouts in pdf   
8 May  Bret Petersen  GenSmarts, Your Genealogy Adviser 
12 Jun   Beau Sharbrough  Making the Most of Digital Photography   
10 Jul  Howard Bybee   BYU LIBRARY: Catalog & Digital Genealogy Resources Handout in pdf   
14 Aug
Don Norton  Writing A Personal or Family History 
11 Sep Alan Mann   Publishing a Family History Online or on CD   Handout in pdf   
9 Oct Jeremy Robertson, Joseph Cooper   Update on Digital Roots  Handout in pdf   
13 Nov  Geoff Rasmussen  Timelines and Chronologies   Handout in pdf   
Dec No Meeting